Karen Lafler has been a photographer for 15 years. She began exploring the art and what she could do with it during a trip she took to Australia. It was there, with newly acquired equipment, she discovered that she not only had a love for working with the lens, but also had the eye for it. Continuing with her travels and life experiences Karen began shooting, experimenting, and documenting the various people and places she encountered.

The above series is one example of places traveled.

One important aspect she considers to be a contributing factor in her ability to capture the right moment and feel for the photo or subject being photographed is her patience. Whether she is waiting for a passerby to leave the scene or for the lighting to be just right, she will stay and analyze the area and wait until the moment is perfect and then shoot.

Karen likes both black and white and color, depending on the mood of the scene. She is also very fond of hand tinting her photographs to give them a unique feel that can only be captured with that process. An example is the above VENICE photograph.

A graduate of Fine Arts from the KeuKa College in up state New York, Karen also returned to New York in 1996 to attend the Rochester Institute of Technology to focus on developing her skills as a photographer.

Karen eventually returned to her home in the Los Angeles area, where she continues to peruse and exhibit her art.


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