Each direction represents different energies that can affect us physically, financially, and emotionally.

The actual direction of West (248-292 degrees) is associated with the element Metal.

This does NOT mean that you should automatically put metal in the west section of your house, but the West will always inherently have a background metal-type influence.

As an example, in 2002 the direction of West is visited by the annual 9 fire. Since fire melts metal (destroys it), the remedying element for that area is Earth. Earth is used in this case as a "reductive" element because it reduces fire and enhances metal at the same time.

The direction of West is associated with the mouth, teeth, jaw, and chest area. If there is something going on in the west quadrant of your house that is really bad feng shui, it could affect any family member in the body areas just listed.


a.. A crumbling chimney in the west quadrant.
b.. A big crack in the wall or cracked pavement to the west of the house.
c.. Something negative just OUTSIDE the west quadrant, such as an eyesore or construction site.

The West direction is also associated with the youngest daughter in the family symbology.

If a home were missing the entire west quadrant of the house (based on the floor plan shape), then it is likely that the youngest daughter in the house may have some problems.

Right now, we are concluding a 20-year construction cycle that began in 1984 and ends in 2003. It is ruled by the direction of West (TUI Period-Age of 7). During this time frame the direction of West has been especially positive.

If someone had a house built during this time frame, which faces west, then the house can be especially good for money success.

If someone builds a house between 1984-2003 that SITS in the West (which means it faces East), then it can be an especially good house for the health and well-being of the occupants.

The front (facing) of a house can reveal information about the financial status of the occupants and the back (sitting) of the house can reveal information about the health and relationships of the occupants.


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