In the Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report, the futuristic concept of "pre-crime" centered around the merging of technology with psychic ability to predict crimes before they happen. Classical feng shui has been predicting crime for centuries without any technological support or psychic intervention.

Tracking the predictable forces of nature reveals ways of characterizing house types and buildings, which are pre-disposed to encouraging the occupants to be involved with crime. Less specific, is whether or not the occupants will be the victims or perpetrators.

As well, some of the tendencies have changed their meanings slightly over time. As an example, hundreds of years ago there were house types that indicated the occupants could get in trouble with the government. This could have included some serious punishment by the king or emperor. Nowadays, that same house type could cause an occupant to metaphorically have his "head chopped off" with a tax audit!

In my own practice, I have been able to distinguish some of the types of crimes that a house may encourage, including: drug dealing, prostitution, robbery, assault, and arson.

In our most recent construction cycle history, buildings built between 1904-1923 have some vulnerability to crime that buildings built just earlier or just later do not have. This time frame was ruled by the "3" energy and is sometimes called the Period 3 or Construction Cycle 3. Back when these buildings and houses were first constructed, that 3 energy was quite positive and noble. But over the last eighty to a hundred years, what was once great energy has turned negative, like milk turning rancid. This is NOT to malign all structures from the 1904-1923-time period.

Other vulnerable building types are the structures built between 1944-1963, which are either east-facing or west-facing in their orientation. These places have energy right in the very center, which indicate a potential for legal problems or robbery. When do these things happen? Is there always a threat? The answer is that in certain years, and in certain months, the compounding timely influences can trigger actual events.

Last year, my own house was vulnerable to a "robbery," so I tried to protect myself by being a fanatic with the security system, using it every single time I left the house, even for 5 minutes. What I wasn't prepared for, was the more subtle "gentleman's robbery," which I experienced last year in the form of stockbroker fraud.

This year in 2003, the direction of southwest is particularly receptive to crime. This could be the southwest part of your house, the southwest part of your city, and the southwest part of the country.

One of the major goals in feng shui is to prevent or reduce the negatives and to enhance or support the positive. More important than making extra money through feng shui maneuvers, it is protecting people from harm that is the priority

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