Kathy Minnis grew up in Whittier California where she lived until relocating to Orange County. She was raised in a family of seven by schoolteachers who were music majors.

Kathy went to college at California State University, Fullerton where she majored in Computers, while raising three children. She claimed "the divorce of my parents and the resulting affect on my mother was the primary motivating factor for my determination to get a college education in computers. While taking a drawing class for a humanities requirement she discovered a love of art. It was difficult to remain a computer major, but she felt a computer major would give her the security she craved.

Throughout college she continued taking art courses earning enough credits to minor in art. Her focus became life drawing and ceramics. She continues with ceramics but has evolved into sculptures primarily of the human form fired using an evolved Raku firing process.

With the advent of computer graphics Kathy was able to mesh her experience in computers and graphics into earning a certificate at CSUF in Digital Imaging.

Kathy's children are also artists; her first show was a show including two of her children. One son Mike is a sculptor, her daughter Melinda is a painter, and her second son Bill is a musician\writer. She has another son, Andrew in a different marriage who was a micro preemie and was 15 weeks early; weighing 1pound13 ounces, he was in a 10% survival group. "The whole family learned a lot about the strength and fragility humans have, it had a profound impact on us all". Andrew remains a strong individual. Her young son is thriving young man who contributed with a digital photograph to the family show.

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