Henry's Garden is an animated short film created by Moon Seun and Kevin Geiger.

A native of South Korea, Moon Seun attended Seoul International School before moving to the United States in 1984 to begin studies at the Cleveland Institute of Art. While at the Institute, Moon met her future husband and creative partner, Kevin Geiger. She graduated in 1989 with a BFA degree in Metalsmithing and Photography, and maintained an independent studio art practice for the next two years.

A growing interest in computer animation led Moon to begin graduate studies in 1992 at The Ohio State University's Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD) through the The OSU Department of Art. Moon's animated short film, "Panopticon", was exhibited internationally, and she received an MFA degree in Media Arts in the fall of 1994.

Moon moved to Los Angeles in January 1995 to accept a position as a CGI Technical Director with Boss Film Studios, working as a digital lighting designer on the MGM release, "Species". Following "Species", Moon joined Digital Domain, where she created digital effects for "The Island of Doctor Moreau", and the stereoscopic "T2-3D" ride film.

In 1997, Moon moved on to Dreamworks Animation Studios, where she worked as a 3D EFX Animator on the Red Sea sequence of "The Prince of Egypt", and Senior 3D EFX Animator on "The Road to El Dorado". Upon the completion of "El Dorado" in 1999, Moon left Dreamworks to pursue her own independent animated projects. She formed Simplistic Pictures and began developing the animated short film, "Henry's Garden", which is currently in release on the film festival circuit.

At present, Moon is working on a children's book adaptation of "Henry's Garden".

For more information on Henry's Garden visit www.simplisticpictures.com

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