The sun shone bright
on the day you died,
and I wondered why anyone
should be forced to leave this place
on such a magnificent morning.

That night the storm
rolled in
unexpectedly -like the
untimely event of the morn.
The heavens pored tears
that my dry eyes could
no longer produce.

The angry thunder
and I knew that you too
objected to the abrupt departure
we were all still
trying to comprehend.

Lightening flashed and lit the sky-
a flashback of the day when I
played piano for you
while you boogied in the dining room.
A flashback of your silly grin,
funny gestures,
generous ways,
And even your green
Coffee mug,
never again to
be touched by
your lips.

Once again I cried
with the heavens
and I knew that we were crying
That in so many ways
you were still with me
still with all of the
people you loved,
all of the people who loved you.

The storm subsided
with the dawn
and the morning light
brought a knew awakening,
A contentment
in knowing that I
would go on,
in knowing that
we would all go on
and complete our journey’s
with a piece of you
in our souls.

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