The ease or difficulty in conceiving a child can be linked with the feng shui blue print of a house. Some house types undermine getting pregnant, and yet the remedies are a lot less expensive than any kind of medical intervention!

What is it about a house that can cause a fertility problem?

Sometimes a house will go through a phase that is called "locked" or "imprisoned." Even good feng shui houses can go through this phase at some point in time. This "locked" house can make it difficult for another person (such as a baby) to join the household. If two people move in, then that is the number of occupants the house is limited to. As well, if a single woman moved into this house during its locked phase, it would be difficult for her to solidify a relationship to where a man would move in with her.

This locked phase can last for one year or for twenty years. It is nothing physically or structurally flawed about the house that you can see with your eyes. Rather, it is a time cycle that the house must endure. Here are a few examples of "locked" houses:

a. A house built between 1944-1963 that faces magnetic east (68-112 degrees) is in a current 20-year lock from 1984-2003. It is almost over!

b. A house built between 1964-1983 that faces magnetic southeast (113-157degrees) is also in a 20-year lock until 2003.

It is a combination of timing and direction, the essence of feng shui. The remedy is surprisingly simple: you must hear and see clean, circulating water! The sight and sound of water releases this oppressive bubble over the house. The addition of a water feature, such as a fountain, can actually lift this type of house out of its negative cycle.

There are also other components to a house, and specifically to the bedroom, which affect fertility. In fact, there are house types where there is no problem getting pregnant, but the negative influences could make it easy for a miscarriage.

If there are certain lucky energies at a front door, bedroom, and kitchen, then it could be a house where having lots of kids is easy.

Assuming that most couples try to conceive in their own bedroom, there are even monthly cycles that can be tracked to determine the likelihood of conceiving a boy verses a girl. Every month the energy in a room fluctuates between "yin" or "yang," which can mean masculine or feminine. It may seem wild to believe that our lives can be so fated and scheduled, but even nature is less random and quite predictable.

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