"I’ve been drawing since I was 5 years old. The subject matter is the same now as it was when I was in the 4th grade; Batman, Godzilla, Star Wars, ... and the kids in my class who I gave the drawings to, turned around and sold them, they’re producers.

I was distracted a bit in high school by hotrods and cheerleaders, but my art teacher steered me right, right for Detroit City, where I attended proverbial Art School.

Started in Graphic Communication because I was fascinated by the airbrush. Later, I tried the Automotive Design thing and interned at Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Advanced Concept Center in Thousand Oaks during the late 80’s.

This experienced showed me how unimaginative the Automotive Design industry was, and upon my return for my last year at College, I was defiant, insubordinate and ultimately expelled.

I figured I sabotaged any further affiliations with that industry, so the only thing left to do was to throw the portfolio in the back seat and read every sign that pointed West.

Struggled for a bit, but that makes for good date conversation once in a while. This brings me to my current sentiment; Getting out of Los Angeles."


You can contact Ed at : ednativivdad@attbi.com


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