Each person is born under a certain Chinese Zodiac sign based on year of birth.

The twelve Chinese zodiac signs form into four trilogies of compatibility, much like Western Astrology.

Based on what zodiac sign you are, there is a cardinal direction associated with it. If you can manage to sleep with your head pointing to that particular direction (laying down, not sitting up), it helps you attract more romantic opportunities. This can work even if you have to sleep on your bed at an angle in order to achieve the proper direction. The angle must be precise.

North spans from 353-7 degrees

East spans from 83-97 degrees

South spans from 173-187 degrees

West spans from 263-277 degrees

This is a 15-degree range, which must be determined with a compass. Just guessing won't work. As an example, if you live in Santa Monica with your head pointing towards the ocean when you sleep, that direction is southwest, not west. There are many streets which are NOT aligned on a North-South or East-West grid so using a compass is essential. You can obtain a compass at a camping or sporting goods store.

If you were born in the Year of the Dog, Tiger, or Horse

Sleeping head East is your "Romance Pillow Direction"

If you were born in the Year of the Dragon, Rat, or Monkey

Sleeping head West is your "Romance Pillow Direction"

If you were born in the Year of the Pig, Rabbit, or Sheep

Sleeping head to the North is your "Romance Pillow Direction."

If you were born in the Year of the Snake, Rooster, or OX

Sleeping with your head to the South is your "Romance Pillow Direction."

Why is the position of the head so important? Well, your head is basically the Control Tower for your entire body and being. The top of the head is very receptive to incoming energies all around you and when you sleep at night, the spiritual and psychic center at the top of the head can be plugged into either beneficial or harmful flows of energy. (Yogis refer to the top of the head as the Crown Chakra).

To put it in a more mundane perspective: Why do some people have restful sleep, waking up refreshed while others wake up drained or burdened with nightmares? There are many other factors which contribute to a person's ability to attract or repel good fortune in their lives; sleeping in the right direction is as important as timing.

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