Eastern thought holds that the union of female yin with male yang is a holy and noble pathway to oneness. Since the union of the yin and the yang is the pathway, practitioners of eastern arts have been refining the practice of sacred sexuality for thousands of years. While it is impossible to explain the breadth knowledge accumulated over the last few millenniums, in a short article there are a handful of easy tips that can help put the heat between the sheets.

1. Heal the second (Sexual) Chakra. - The second Chakra directly stimulates physical manifestation of sexuality and vitality. It's located right at the waistline. Simple yoga stretches like sitting on the floor and touching your toes will invigorate the area. Another good exercise is rotating the hips eighteen times clockwise and 18 times counter clockwise.

2. Orange light meditation - The color of the second Chakra is orange, picture yourself breathing a bright orange light into the area. Five minutes a day should do the trick.

3. Burn sandalwood oil, sage, lavender or patchouli oils in your bedroom. - These essential oils are associated with the chakra, the oils have been traditionally used on a physical level to balance the hormones, as well as to balance and heighten the emotional/spiritual levels.

4. Drink ginger tea or ginger ale. Ginger is helpful in cleansing the body and will also aid in digestion.

5. Tonify the yin - What does that mean? Yin is all things soft Yang is hard, so in order to have better sex a woman has to be prepared to receive her partner - go to your local Chinese herb shop and ask for a female yin formula. The classic blend for stimulating sexual vitality and balancing proper reproductive function is Damiana, Shiu Chu Ginseng and Kava Kava this blend will enhance sexuality and both energize and calm. Another herb, Dong Quai supports uterine blood flow & circulation. If your town doesn't have an herb shop, you can order them online.

6. Relax - One of the most important elements of having a good time especially for females is relaxation during sex. When the body is relaxed the yin flows more freely. Moisture is released and it's easier to go with the sexual flow. Try your best to achieve relaxation on your own but if you can't these herbs can help: catnip, chamomile, gotu kola and licorice (which is also considered an aphrodisiac). You can take them as herbs or make a tea.

7.Open your heart - Risky but true. When the heart chakra is open and the blood flows one is more relaxed as well as more aware of physical sensations. Rose quartz crystals and chanting - Haaaaa for three minutes a day will help.

8. Strengthen the kidneys - The most practical way to do this is to cleanse the system with water. Drink an ample amount of water everyday. Water is a yin-calming element that will promote kidney function. So not only will you be more relaxed but also your kidneys will function more efficiently. When the kidney functions well, it increases your energy level.

9. Breath down to the orgasm. Just as the orgasm starts to appear, breathe into it. Pretend that your breath is going straight down between your legs. The deeper you breathe the better the orgasm. It's an age-old yoga technique that really works. From a western perspective the increased oxygen flow will stimulate the body's senses and give that extra boost to an already lovely experience.

Happy mating!

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