Get What You Want!: Ten spiritual techniques to increase your personal Power.

Healing feels good. When you're hurting, holistic medicine can make the hurt go away and when you're rehabilitating, it can speed up the process. But healing can be more than just getting back to health; it can be used to make your life better. Here are ten tips for using spiritual techniques for increasing your personal power.

We all know that knotted feeling in the stomach when we're stressed or fearful. The "knot" is the physical manifestation of our concern with the loss of power. It's like an alarm that goes off to tell your system what it's doing might endanger the well being of the system. It's no coincidence that the lower solar plexus region, which controls digestion, is the location of the third chakra.

The third chakra governs our personal power in the world as well as accomplishments, will, vital energies and the freedom to be you. Healing that area unlocks our power to be in this world. So if you'd like to get that extra spiritual edge to help you move your life forward, pick at least three of the tips below and allow yourself a half an hour a day to do the practice.

1. Set your intention - This is key. Focus your intent on increasing your personal power give yourself a definite window of time at least two months. Keep a journal where you define your obstacles and look at the gains you make. At end of the two-month period look at the challenges you faced. You'll be surpassed.

2. Drink lemongrass, chamomile or peppermint teas. The teas will relax you and allow the energies to flow more freely. They will also strengthen the third chakra, relax you, ease digestion and they taste good too.

2. Strengthen the belly. - Sorry to say it but a great power healing modality is found at your local gym. A good old fashioned sweaty workout of sit ups and AB crunches will go a long way toward helping you take the hit when someone wants to grab your power.

3. Use an herbal formula: If you want to speed up the process, use Bach's Flower essences -Clemens, honeysuckle, wild rose, olive, white chestnut, mustard and chestnut. If they aren't available locally they can be ordered online at a number of different locations.

4. Creative visualization - This healing modality has proven to be so effective that it's an integral art of cancer treatment which means that focusing your mind will literally heal you on the cellular level. So why not command those cells to move your life forward? Here are two visualizations that you can use.

1. - Yellow / gold is the color of the third chakra imagine a warm golden light sitting inside of your belly, removing the stress and strengthening your will to live.

2. Picture a situation that causes you stress, recreate it in your mind. Watch how the stress affects your reactions inside of the situation. Do the recreation in your mind this but this time when the stress arises let it come up purse your lips and picture exhaling the stress out of your system. Now sit in side the situation without the stress and look at the choices you would make when stress isn't there.

5. Go for a hike in the mountains - The cool, calming earth is the element that's associated with healing the belly. Earth is cool, yin, calming it is the great big stress buster. So spending time in the mountains will go a long way to healing what ails you 6. Use Crystals and gemstones - Amber, Tigers Eye, Smokey Quarts and Turquoise will promote healing in the area. Remember, everything vibrates at the certain frequency and the gemstones and crystals will vibrate at a rate that will heal the area

7. Tell your therapist what you want to create. - Work on a conscious level. Get a increase your power self help book and look at the thoughts you've been using to disempower yourself. If your seeing a therapist, tell the therapist your like to devote the next eight sessions or two months to exclusively tuning up your personal power.

8. Healing sounds - part of a daily mediation practice can include the specific mantra of Ram (pronounced Raaam) or Aum. (Sounds like owm) you don't have to repeat it for a long time reciting the mantra 36 times will accomplish two goals. 1. The vibration of the sounds will align the chakra and the self-power energetics. 2. Repeating the sounds is an affirmation of you intent to increase your personal power.

9. Remember to be patient. Rome wasn't built in a day and your power issues arrant going to disappear overnight. Progress is the goal not perfection but if you do the work, the changes will happen. Once you have the power it's important to harness it and use it well. But that's another chakra and another story... Stay tuned....

10. If you have any questions or comments feel free to write to me just click here and type Joseph or personal power in the subject line.

Bio - Joseph Farruggia is a Screenwriter and Medical Qi Gong Therapist who lives in Venice California. For more information about Joseph, visit his websites or


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