Humankind - How Limitless in Genius.

Playful inspiration kindles the figments of a baby's first hello,
ripening; in a flawless cosmos that only purity and virtue know,
picturesque clarity graces the minds vivid, insightful rainbow,
as time fashions just a brief, but fascinating finite show.

Indeed; even if every new beginning developed sadness,
true joy will adjourn the sorrow, to replace it with a canopy of gladness,
the glow of spirited laughter illuminates all the candles of elegance,
symphonic enchanted harps pleasingly orchestrate a divine sacred dance.

Intoxication of a lovers music is played on celestial violins,
secret satin dreams linger, concealed within the keys of silent hymns,
the amour of sweet shadows float gently beyond the universal sleep,
obscure and deep, all have profound promises to keep.

And the wheels of nature's textured bounty, will still go on turning.

A unique and rare gift, that conveys the beauty and wonder of creation.

What an opus of craftsmanship is humankind,
how magnificent in foundation, how limitless in genius.

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