Nick Marrra was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. In the early years of his childhood, he showed an extremely high aptitude for art. Although he enjoyed drawing and painting, his real interest was sculpture and the manipulation of clay. As early as the age of two, Nick began sculpting dinosaur bones, and continued developing his craft throughout his childhood.

His first job as a sculptor was creating life-like celebrity heads for the local video store. Soon after, he began working for a wildlife gallery sculpting realistic animals for their display.

In 1988, he moved to Los Angeles to combine his sculpting talents with a career in the movies. It wasn't long before effects companies were hiring him. Some of his life-size creatures can be seen in the movies “Jurassic Park", "The Lost World" and “Lake Placid.”

Along with his special effects career, Nick also sells and displays his private collections. A keen eye and talent allow him to capture the essence of the subject he is sculpting. Aside from his "Jaws" series, his replicas include another of his favorites, George Forman.

The "Jaws" collection is sold as individual pieces or a set. Unpainted, each piece is offered at $180.00. The complete set is priced at $400.00.

The collection can also be purchased with a faux bronzing effect for $300.00 each piece or $700.00 for the complete set.

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