Reality Said

the quiet moment
is what she calls it
that time between two moments of distraction,
digression, direction
when everything seems possible
until you get to that moment of doing it or not...
it's the quiet moment
when everything fits perfect
and nothing is out of place
everything's all ready in it's perfect place...
this is what Reality said
when I asked her.
"Yes," she said.
"What, in nature, says No?"...
it's the quiet moment
that everything happens in
and alights from
and everything has already
descended upon
it's there
here, in the quiet moment.



Today Remembered

I've wanted to do so much
for so long.
I can't remember how it all started.
All of a sudden, I just wanted.
Everything just appeared
all at once, like nature.
I couldn't make life happen as fast as it does,
even if I were magic.
But my goodness, I've tried.
Haven't we?
To get there. To get that
wanting, out of the way.
How it all happened I don't know.

But God what on earth are we gonna do about it?
How futile are words when nothing will do.
Just fine.


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